CleanMyPC for Windows 10 will keep your PC running in top condition


  1. Helpful information on this page, but your social media share bar can’t be hidden and blocks the text, making it nearly impossible to read. Imho, you should put it on the right side of get rid of it.

    1. May I know the screen resolution of your device?

      There is another thing you can do. Move your mouse to the bottom-most white square. An arrow will appear. Click on it to hide the buttons.

      1. Hi Anand, 1280X1024. HP17 monitor, Win7Pro, Intel G45/G43 on-motherboard chipset, up-to-date driver/everything. Other than SSD, nothing else special about the system Yes, I clicked the hide arrow and it returns as soon as I scroll. Note that this floating social media widget does stay hidden on almost all other websites, almost being the key word. I’m not enough of a geek to examine the code and see what other widgets could be interfering with this one, but if you’ve had no other instances of this problem, maybe it’s not worth dealing with. I have implemented a social share widget on a few of my sites, and I used one that allows you to put it on the right. And I’m interested in your product bc I maintain a Win10 system that just keeps booting more slowly. Thx!

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