Aurora HDR 2019 Review: HDR image editing and processing software for Windows

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  1. If you rely on batch processing, look elsewhere, at least for now. I Just downloaded and tried 2019 in hopes that the batch processing may have improved from 2018, but it almost seems worse… of course, this would be a non-issue if we could bypass the auto-grouping and specify batches by multiples instead, or at least have the option to adjust/modify the auto “grouping”…

    I’m shooting with a D750 and a D600, both in aperture priority, auto bracketing 3 frames at 2 stops apart.
    For example, I tried to test batch a job with 282 images; in Oloneo and Photomatix, this yielded the expected 94 hdr images (282/3=94). However, in Aurora 2019, it yielded 50. Not only did some images not get “grouped”, some groups contained 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9 images!

    Obviously, this is unacceptable, so I’m not really seeing the point of the batch feature in its current state, unless I’m missing a setting to specify multiples, or a way to adjust the auto groups… I tried manually dragging the images to their correct groups, which it allowed me to do, but it didn’t change anything, as but the results remained the same.

    While the automatic grouping feature is an neat idea, it really doesn’t offer any advantages over the tried and true multiples method, but instead has critical disadvantages.

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