Best PDF Editors for Windows 10 in 2019


  1. Good coverage (both Lavish Thakkar here and Elise Williams in another software review column) for Top PDF Editors reviews.
    I will check PDFElement as I wasn’t aware of it; however, let’s not overlook one that I recently found and purchased:
    PDF-XChanger, or PDF-XChanger Plus

    It’s a joy to work with PDF files using PDF-XChanger Plus (never again will use grossly overpriced Adobe). PDF-XChanger Plus is a top-notch PDF editor, excellent customer service, and does anything with PDF. Reasonably priced at $54.50 (no monthly), and a very favorable discount if you are in education (which I was initially drawn to).
    PDF-XChanger Plus has a fantastic set of PDF tools.

    1. Did it include one or more links? Because Links advertising shareware are likely to get auto-deleted or moderated by the commenting admins.

      1. Lavish, thanks for explaining why comments may be removed, when using links. Sometimes we only want to share, not sell and forget about shareware. Heavens, The Windows Club is a free online source and uses advertising to support your website, etc. Also, thank you for taking the time to share all of these PDF Editor programs with the readers. Your research saves me time and energy. I appreciate what you do.

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