Emsisoft Anti-Malware offers 4-layered protection to Windows


  1. Yes, very good article, and based on my own several years testing/use in wild of various A/V it’s truthful as well. Emsisoft also still offers the free Emsisoft Emergency Kit, a manual second-opinion type scanner only…but it has the same powerful engines as the full suite and does a great job either finding malware or reassuring your own choice of security didn’t let you down. Cheers!

  2. Prevention is, also, a way to go… For example, configuring key settings in Windows – in order to disallow mechanisms for malware to execute. Besides using a (free!) rule-based firewall – such as COMODO – we can turn off Services (& Scheduled Tasks!) & configure the LGPO; Local Group Policy, on individual workstations, by running: **gpedit.msc**

    There are some great articles, from thewindowsclub, that can be found with a Google query for: “this site’s URL/ gpedit.msc”

    One great (fairly new!) program to protect privacy in Windows 10 and illustrate this control is “WPD, The real privacy dashboard for Windows” software program. Check out its “README.txt” for some great info!! :))

    P.S. COMODO **must** be configured with “Custom Ruleset”, for its Firewall Settings, in order to run on fully-manual. They do an excellent job, with protecting everything, but it’s “best” to have it with ALL cloud-options completely disabled and prompts asking for everything: 1) Firewall, on custom and 2) Auto-Containment, Enabled and 3) HIPS, Disabled (it’s EXTREMELY difficult to control it manually) and 4) VirusScope, Disabled (if you know what you’re doing, don’t need it to slow down the computer) and 5) Website Filtering, Disabled (because, browsers have this built-in).

    ^^ Or, you can choose to, just, trust ’em and have it automagically sort everything out for you (with default settings). When you open up SETTINGS, you’ll be able to find all of the “Cloud” options to disable – or, not! Good luck!!

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