FilmoraPro Review: Advanced Video Editor that lets you edit videos like a Pro

Are you looking for a professional video editing software which has features which compete with the best professional video editing software? It’s time you check on FilmoraPro. This video editor comes to you from the makers of Filmora9 Video Editor and competes with some of the best in the market including Final Cut Pro and Adobe.

FilmoraPro Review

Once you install FilmoraPro, launch it, and click on New project to get started. Next, you would see a well-organized video editor. It comes with a timeline editor; media place holds where you can import all audio, and video file, trimmer, live preview section, and so on.

Filmora Pro advanced video editing software

Drag, and drop the file into media section, and then drop it on the timeline editor. On top of the timeline, you have the option to cut, slip, rate stretch tool, snapping tool and so on. Its very easy to use the tools, and with unlimited undo redos, you don’t have to worry much.

Slip part of editing is very useful. You can scroll part of the video to exactly where you want it to be. It can be part of a large video, but you can always scroll back and forth no matter what.

If you have a different part of videos you need to track, make sure to use Label feature to help you identify parts of the video easily. You also have access to Effects, and Audio mixer to add a new style, and manage any audio issues in your video.

Once you are done with editing, trimming, etc., its time you look at customizable animation. Its an important part of the video editing, and you can use it to add text in videos, and tracking.

The software allows you to set keyframes to control the effects. It also supports you to change the speed and duration of animation to make it feel fluid during the change of scene. It also includes highly customizable motion graphics and text effects.

Filmora Pro review

I tried editing a couple of videos with it, and it’s impressive. It offers tons of control you can apply to video. You have a final view section, trimmer, timeline for videos, audiometer, and so on. This video editing software also supports GPU rendering if your computer has a dedicated graphics card.

Features of FilmoraPro advanced video editing software

Video Editing

The auto-correction mode can set the right color tones for your video. If your final footage came out a little bit extra bright or dark, you can choose auto correction for an instant fix or manually change exposure, saturation and so on. It also means you can manually control shadow, mid-tone, and highlight control.

When using scopes, you can make changes to be consistent throughout the video. It offers Histogram, Vectorscope, Waveform, and Parade.  When using Histogram, you can change the mode between Luminance, RGB, CbCr and so on.

Audio Editing

Most of the audio recording is done separately, and it’s important that you can sync it properly. Audio features in FilmoraPro allows you to automatically sync. You can do it for use different shorts from the same scene, and sync the audio from them.

One of the annoying parts of the audio recording is sudden high & low. While you can do it manually, but the editor can do this for you. It can equalize the highs and lows of your audio to normalize the volume of your clips. This is useful when your volume rises all of a sudden when a scene changes.

It can also get rid of unwanted background noise which usually comes in handy when you record outside noise. It can cut down the level, so it just doesn’t feel annoying. However, for usual background noise, you must use a good microphone every time. Adding to this, you can always use crossfades or overlap audio to smooth the sound between clips.

Filmora Effects:

Sold separately, but if you are into serious editing, it’s a must-have feature. You can buy a lifetime pack deal for $299 and get access to 1000+ effects for videos which will make your video stand out. The best part is that they keep adding new effects especially for seasons, and festivals around the corner.


In the end, when it comes to rendering the output, FilmoraPro is good at it. It also supports GPU based rendering which can make it work even better both in terms of quality and time. Filmora supports 4K UHD quality @ 100 FPS and goes as low as 24FPS in its Instagram template. You can chooseAspect ratio from the templates as well which include Square Pixel, NTSC, PAL, HD Anamorphic, DVC Pro and so on.

There is no doubt that FlimoraPro from Wondershare is one of the best video editors on the internet right now, and with constant updates, it can compete with likes of some of the professional video editors.

Filmora Pro


File Format Supported


Batch Processing


Quality of Output


Video Editing & Speed


Video templates library



  • Varity of Batch Processing options
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