Goodoffer24: Buy affordable Software and Games licenses


  1. Despite how long they have been in business I still doubt the legitimacy of the software or the way they are procured. I’ve read some discussions on Reddit about this type of online marketplace for software where some software were probably bought with stolen credit cards or something like that. Who knows Windows 10 bought there might end up getting deactivated remotely by Microsoft.

  2. I kind of doubt the legitimacy of their software licenses, I have heard of way too many stories of people buying discount software / Windows / Office only to have their licenses deactivated or turn up no good.
    Do yourself a favor, when buying games or software, buy it directly from the source, if you get a sale from them then so be it, but there is no way one is going to buy $200 software for $30 and expect it to stay activated or not have the license blacklisted.

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