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The cliché goes: ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’. In real life situations, the one who gets flattered may be happy about it, but may not harm the interest of the individual doing the copying. However, to lift someone else’s work online and publish as one’s own can prove to be detrimental to the person committing Plagiarism. And there are effective tools to instantly check if the content has been copied from elsewhere. The latest to join this fight against plagiarism is the Plagramme Plagiarism Checker.

There are indeed some refreshing features in the new software and should prove to be very useful for genuine content writers in any field of activity.

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

Some of the salient features of Plagramme Plagiarism Checker are enumerated below.

1) Multilingual

Plagramme Plagiarism Checker

This must be considered as a unique feature and probably the first ever attempt by the developers of plagiarism checking tools to come up with it. This is in response to the widespread practice of people exploiting the weakness in the existing tools to check content if it has been translated into a language different from the original one. The Plagramme plagiarism checker comes with the capability to identify and flag such translated content.

2) An Advanced Scoring Method

The Plagramme plagiarism checker has brought in several enhancements in the manner in which the content is checked and presented. Most such tools would just mark the percentage of genuine content and nothing much else. But when you use Plagramme, it lets you know the number of similarities found in your content as any such tool would do. Also, it can suggest the risk of plagiarism; it can point out if the content you created has too much paraphrasing and also bring out the anomalies in terms of bad citations. Of late, this has been an issue among the academic circles, and excessive use of citations has led to difficult situations for those evaluating the dissertations. Plagramme is capable of highlighting the wrong or indiscriminate use of citations.

3) Detecting Unusual Methods to Escape Detection

There is a dictum among the police officers that in order to solve a crime, you might have to think like a criminal and then trace the solution. The job of a plagiarism checker has also reached such proportions. One of the strange ways adopted by those who deliberately engage in copying content is to camouflage it by introducing extra alphabets or letters and coloring them white. This would not show up while reading with bare eyes in the white background. But the plagiarism checker will pick them up and pass them off as being different than the original and therefore genuine. Luckily, Plagramme has worked around this trick also by employing appropriate algorithms, and it can detent such ‘white color’ characters as well. This must prove quite handy in the hands of users of the tool to check the originality of content in submissions made by their clients or students or in any other setting.

4) Ease of Use, and it’s Free

The developers of the Plagramme plagiarism checking tool have made it very convenient for the users to experience and use this online application on their systems. The interface is quite uncomplicated, and navigation made simple so that even those who may use it rarely and are not so tech-savvy can also employ the tool. Once the content gets checked and confirmed through Plagramme, the content creator can be sure that it will pass any test.

5) Other Features

There are many other facilities like online editing and the use of cloud storage to park your document for checking for plagiarism. Besides, Plagramme does the checking for the originality of content against a much larger basket of online content than any previous tool would do. About 14 trillion websites and other resources on the web would be scanned to compare the contents and certify as being original.

Bottom Line

From the perspective of the professionals who use the tool to check on content they are about to upload to the sites of their clients, it gives that additional comfort that Plagramme Plagiarism Checker acts the way Google’s algorithms would function. They won’t be presented with surprises later where their contents are removed as being copied from elsewhere. Many independent analysts and experts have tested the Plagramme plagiarism checker and feel it is one of the best things to happen to the content writing business in recent times.

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