How to Rip DVD and Digitize DVD Content to Computer

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  1. BN

    I have WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, paid for, & it does not keep the disc content structure intact.

    What I mean is, whether a multi movie DVD, or a mutli episode DVD, it will not rip them in order.
    It only picks on title.
    You need to pick the rest, &, it is not in the same order as the DVD..

    And, it drops out now and then & tech support is of no help.

    When I send them the automatically, & long & detailed generated log, they ask for screnshot, which that automatically generated log is supposed to tell them all they need.

    I also l=see some interlacing, even when I pick Deinterlacing.

    I am not impressed & wasted $35 in my opinion.

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