SpiderOak ONE Secure Cloud Backup provides a lot of Privacy & Control features

Businesses and individuals are becoming more and more reliant on their technology systems, thus making it more and more important for data to be secured. A data breach could cause any company’s operations to come grinding to a halt. For individuals or businesses looking for a first-class online backup solution to safeguard their files against data corruption, crashed hard drives and lost or stolen computers, SpiderOak ONE Secure Cloud Backup ensures your data is safe regardless of what else life brings your way.

SpiderOak ONE Secure Cloud Backup

SpiderOak ONE keeps your files encrypted at all times during the backup and restore process. It uses a clear, informative interface and offers folder sharing and syncing capabilities. Additionally, the ability to not only back up unlimited computers but sync data across them, too, is a huge advantage when trying to manage file libraries spread across multiple machines.

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Those perks, along with strong security, help rank SpiderOak ONE among the best online backup services on the market today. Other benefits include.

End-to-end encrypted/No Knowledge design:

The company’s No Knowledge policy ensures that your data is encrypted at all times during the upload and retrieval process, which means no one can see the contents or even the file and folder names on SpiderOak ONE’s servers. It’s only decrypted when the data returns to your computer. Metadata, passwords, and data are all encrypted at all times.

The level of encryption used by SpiderOak is 256-bit AES.  AES is commonly used by banks, the government, and other cloud services, and is not known to have ever been cracked. Files are further protected in transit with TSL.

While files stored in SpiderOak’s data centers are encrypted, and there’s no metadata to steal, SpiderOak still takes a strong approach to making sure its data centers are protected against virtual and physical attacks. They’re also built to withstand natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and fires. 

Unlimited historical versions:

Unlike most backup products, SpiderOak ONE stores every historical version of every file, every deleted file and keeps all files in the user account. If you ever need to restore data, it’s available immediately.

If you accidentally delete or save unwanted changes to a file, you can easily access a version before the mistake. If you are attacked by ransomware, you could restore your data to a point in time before the attack.

Available across all OS platforms:

SpiderOak ONE Secure Cloud Backup

Backup plans can be created using a desktop client available for Windows 10/8/7/Vista, 32 and 64 bit, Mac and Linux (32 and 64 bit) operating systems. A Command-line control of your backup is also available for each of these OS’s.

SpiderOak ONE Secure Cloud Backup

Single user sync:

Each SpiderOak ONE user can easily sync files between all of their devices, similar to a single user’s Dropbox account.

Access to ShareRooms:

ShareRooms let you share entire folders with anyone you want. Each ShareRoom has a unique URL, and you can set a password for added security. Those with access to your ShareRoom can download the files contained in folders associated with it.

The ability to personalize preferences:

SpiderOak gives you complete control of your backup settings and preferences. You can easily choose your backup locations, automatically exclude folders or files, set back up schedules, restrict bandwidth and configure network settings. Most users find the default settings sufficient, but you can change any preference setting you wish.

General tab


Backup tab


Schedule tab


Additional features include:

  • Mobile apps and the web interface let you view your files on the go, as well as save any file you want for offline viewing.
  • Backups can be configured to skip anything larger than a particular size and files older than a certain number of hours/days/months/years.
  • Drives, folders, and files can be backed up via the right-click context menu in Windows.
  • Backed up files that you delete from your computer are never deleted from your SpiderOak ONE account unless you manually remove them from the Deleted Items section of the program.


SpiderOak maintains a searchable central support portal for all of its products. The section devoted to ONE includes sub-sections for getting started, backup, restores, sharing, advanced techniques, command line instructions and more.

SpiderOak’s support team is available my email daily, as well as on social media. They can be reached through the SpiderOak Help Center.

Pricing and Storage Tiers:

SpiderOak ONE is free to try with 250GB of online storage, but only for 21 days. From there, there are four tiers: $59/year for 100GB, $99/year for 250GB, $129/year for 1TB, and $279/year for 5TB

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SpiderOak ONE

59$/y 100GB

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Encryption Quality


Multi Platform Support



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