What Font Is is an Artificial Intelligence-powered Font Finder tool

Are you looking for a particular font and not able to identify or find it? All you have is an image or a design with no original sources? In that scenario, you really need a tool to help you find out what is the name of the font that you are looking for. What Font Is does exactly that for you, it is an artificial intelligence-powered font finder service that can crack the font name from an image in a matter of seconds. The tool can be used in multiple scenarios, and it never fails to impress you.

What Font Is Review

What Font Is Review

What Font Is is arguably the best Font Finder tool powered by AI. The core of this service is an artificial intelligence engine that has been trained for more than 20,000 hours since its inception. It cannot just make accurate predictions, but can also provide you with inexpensive font alternatives. Plus, it is so quick that you get to results in no time.

If you happen to be a graphic designer, you should be able to relate to this problem of missing source font files. Either the client did not send it, or the previous designer has resigned and no longer available. In such a situation, it gets very difficult to find out what font was being used and from where to get it.

Or if you are just someone trying to find out a font you took a picture of, you are most welcome to use this service. Professional or Casual, the service caters all the scenarios of font identification.

The best part about What Font Is is that it looks for your font in multiple foundries instead of just one like other alternatives. It has more than 550k indexed fonts, both free and premium. To use this service, all you need to is upload your image file and wait for What Font Is to recognize the text and then the font. You can use the inbuilt image editor to perform some basic operations like crop and invert.

Best Font Finder tool

The search results are sorted by the most relevant match to the input image. Along with the font name, its license type and source are also listed. This makes it a lot easier to locate the font. If you scroll down the search results, you will find a variety of fonts that are similar to the input image and can be used as an inexpensive alternative to the original font.

Best Font Finder tool

Talking about the practicality of this service, What Font Is also has a Chrome extension that lets you right-click any image on the internet and send it to the identifying process. This is a handy feature for graphic designers who are constantly looking for new fonts out there.

Since the service uses AI underneath, one just cannot resist questioning its accuracy. What Font Is identifies almost 90% of the cases automatically, and that is a very good score. If you are looking for an unusual font that AI failed to identify, you can take help of the dedicated forum that has identified over 20,000 fonts.

The service is free to use, but there is also a Premium upgrade available that comes with more features and zero ads. The premium can cost you around $29.9/year, which is very nominal for the amount of sophisticated software this service has to offer.

WhatFontIs.com is the best font identification service out there. It is fast, it is accurate, and it is reliable. It does not sell you any kind of fonts or other products; it just provides you with the font names and links where you can buy them.

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