4K Video Downloader lets you download online Video & Audio in high quality


  1. Thanks for this video tip on Windows! And, while I realize the the author and many others may know, for those who also use any Ubuntu or Ubuntu-derivative Linux, a great free downloader for that is “Youtube-DL”; it’s a command line tool, but for just about any site video all one does is copy the URL, open a terminal, type “youtube-dl”, space, paste URL, enter…even large videos download in a snap, good audio/video quality.

    Though Linux ppas contain older versions of “Youtube-dl”, it’s best to obtain current versions at the dev’s Github site and also occasionally update it there; as with other downloaders on any OS, often code gets deprecated or sites evolve new obstacles and downloaders can get stale.

    Thanks again for the Windows tip, cheers!

  2. Good Tool. Thank you. 4K Video Downloader is quite a good YouTube video & playlist downloader. And there are some similar software that have all the features for downloading any vidoes. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good alternative.

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